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Side Effects Of Beard Czar

OK, so you have actually grown the beard you've always imagined and maybe even paired it with a great-looking mustache, other men are amazed and life is excellent.

But it does not end there.

The next action-- maintaining your awesome appearance through proper beard grooming-- is simply as important. It's like owning a really great vehicle. As soon as you have it, do you neglect it through poor upkeep? Do you forget to wash it for months on end? Obviously, you do not.

The following is a complete guide to how to keep a beard. We break it down for you while offering the fundamentals of combing, brushing, cleaning, styling your beard, and more. Time to get serious, men.


A great deal of growing a beard focuses on appropriately looking after it. You can look after your beard throughout the day with beard oil and balm. You can train the hairs with a boar bristle brush and a comb. This will likewise assist spread out the natural oil you produce, sebum, throughout your beard. You can utilize scissors to trim down your beard and mustache, and likewise eliminate split ends. Keeping it tidy is as easy as using beard wash and softener a few days a week.


As you may have currently guessed, this is a type of oil you use in your beard to balance its hydration naturally. Cleaning regularly keeps the dirt at bay, but it likewise strips away a few of your beard's natural oil. As a result, beard oil was established as a leave-in conditioning product designed to balance the natural oils in your beard and on your skin.

We do not utilize any silicones, sulfates, or parabens in our oils to provide you the very best possible outcome for your beard. Silicones aren't naturally bad, but they coat your beard hairs and avoid them from getting the nutrients they require, plus they need more effort and chemicals to rinse. On top of that, they mask dry hair and split ends so you only have the impression of conditioned hair.


Normally, you want to use beard oil once a day right after you hop out of the shower. Putting oil on right after you've remained in water may not sound right, but it in fact is! If you take a warm shower, it'll open your pores and hair cells, which allows the oil to be taken in better than it would have otherwise. Just ensure to pat your beard down with a towel prior to using it, as this works best with damp beards, not drenched ones.

Depending on the size of your beard, you may need to utilize a couple of more drops for significant coverage. Big beards may require 7 or 8 drops, whereas smaller sized ones may only need 3 or 4. Our 1oz containers may appear like a small amount, but since you're just using a few drops a day, it needs to last several months!


Beard care is continuously developing. Products are appearing that have actually never been seen prior to, such as beard balm (also understood as beard butter, beard cream, or beard wax).

Our Utility Balm likewise works as a leave-in conditioner, comparable to beard oil. Because they have the same function, it isn't necessary to utilize both. Take a look at this article to see which one is finest for you. A balm is going to be a little bit much heavier than a beard oil, however will supply a longer-lasting conditioning result as an outcome of its much heavier texture. You must apply it as soon as a day, around the very same time you 'd apply an oil. After a shower is constantly best for using moisturizing products since your skin and hair are more receptive to nutrients. If you have an unique evening prepared, you can use a percentage once again prior to you go out.